Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Experience

As a recent Paleo convert I am quick to search out recipes for some kind of sweets, especially chocolate.   I seem to have a weakness for homemade chocolate chip cookies so I wanted to make sure I knew that I could easily, and “legally” have them if I wanted.  I found this particular recipe after reading Baker Gal blog and subsequent success.  Besides, I don’t know about you, I’m not good at feeling deprived and, coupled with my disdain for anything that’s discribed as, “you get used to it” I am bound and determined to enjoy my life and the Paleo way of eating!

Home Ground Almond Flour

Home Ground Almond Flour

The quest for the “perfect” Paleo chocolate chip cookie meant that I sought out recipes that had ingredients that I enjoyed and/or had on hand, already.  This one called for almond flour and I had come to the conclusion that I needn’t always spend a lot of money to eat well.  I decided that I have almonds in the house, in various forms, and was going to make my own darned almond flour!  When the bulk bins at New Seasons has almond flour priced at $8.99 a pound, there had to be a better way.  I have been purchasing my nuts at Winco in their bulk section for $3.98 a pound, albeit they aren’t organic.  At the moment I am trying to eat organic whenever the part that I eat would have been sprayed directly with pesticides so almonds are on my safe list.  After searching the web for directions I threw whole, raw, almonds into the food processor (about 1 1/2 cups but that’s an approximation) then transferred them, small batches at a time, into the blender (do yourself a favor and give the almonds the sniff test before you start your efforts as my first attempt had odor from the freezer on them.  I had to toss the stuff out, wash everything involved, and start over.  Learn from my mistake).

I suddenly realized that I had a flour sifter and that helped to thin out the larger chunks of almonds, I threw them back into the blender and soon had the 5 oz of fine almond flour that I needed!  Take that New Seasons (I like New Seasons, I just don’t always like the prices attached to some foods)!

I posed the question on the Facebook page, “Eat Fat, Get Fit,” could I swap out the recipes 1/8 cup macadamia nut oil for equal part coconut oil as I have the one and not the other.  The blogger and the groups general concensus was to go ahead and give it a try.  I confess that I adore the smell of coconut oil!  Smells like an Almond Joy every time I open it and any excess goes on my lips or dry elbows to keep them smooth.

The cookie batter before heading to the cookie sheet.

The cookie batter before heading to the cookie sheet.

I made the mistake of not fully reading the directions and failed to add a teaspoon of water to the honey and withhold the chocolate chips I use Sunspire as they do not contain soy lecithin, which I avoid.  Very difficult, indeed, to find chocolate that doesn’t contain the product or some other type of lecithin.  However, I did add the water in time and the chips made things take longer to mix up, I believe.

I used a small scoop for the batter and a spatula to smash them down, according to the recipe as they don’t spread out when cooked.  Actually that’s kind of nice because you know how much space they will take up.  The recipe called for 6 minutes ad 325 but I found that they were still raw at that point so back they went for 2 more minutes.  I took them out and left them on the stoneware while I took the dogs for a walk as the stoneware continues to cook as it cools down and I didn’t want to try the cookies too soon before they were ready.

Cookies scooped onto the cookie sheet then smashed since they don't spread out when baked.

Cookies scooped onto the cookie sheet then smashed since they don't spread out when baked.

The results?  First the batter tastes good, on it’s own.  These don’t taste like traditional chocolate chip cookies but they definitely fulfill the desire for them!  They are chewier than a traditional cookie but I like that aspect.  Perhaps cranking the heat to 350 and increasing the time will give them the crunch to chew ratio of the cookies I’m used to?  There is an after texture that’s similar to nut butters where you keep finding bits of nut still in your mouth but it’s certainly not unpleasant.  When they cooled they went straight into the freezer where I can enjoy them one or two at a time.

Paleo chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven!

Paleo chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven!

I hope that you will be able to enjoy these cookies, as well, and remember the healthy fat that IS in the cookie and the flour that is NOT in them.


Baker Gal Blog with recipe:

How to grind your own almond flour:

Eat Fat, Get Fit FB page:

Chocolate chips I used:

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